What are Handgun Laws?

Legality of buying a Firearm
What Laws Cover Pistols?

Who can buy a Gun?
Most Healthy, law-Abiding, United States citizens

 your responsibility to understand and comply with all federal, state and local laws

Laws might pertain to the possession, use and storage of firearms


 Each state’s rules vary 

Do I need a license to Own a Firearm?:
Federal law does not require license to own a firearm.
Most State and Local Municipalities, do not require a license to own a gun

Do I need a license to Carry a Firearm?:
In most states a state issued Permit is required to carry a gun on your person.

Is there a requirement to register Firearms?:
Federal law does not require registering a Firearm
Unless it is what is is an NFA firearm
(Machine Guns, Short-Barreled Rifles, Silencers, Short Shotguns, etc)

Are Firearm Purchases Recorded / Tracked?
When buying a gun from an FFL, the buyer fills out a form 4473 (kept at the FFL) and a call is made to the FBI / NICS system for the background check, but no record of the sale filed with the ATF

What are Local Firearm Laws?:

There are local firearm laws in addition to federal gun laws.
Check the gun laws in your state
Contact a nearby gun range or gun shop