What is the Best Pistol?

What Gun Should I Buy?

Get a gun, within your budget, that you can shoot well

One size does not fit all

Measure the size of your hand

Hold the guns and see how they feel

Ask a friend to show you a few guns they own

Strong Recoil can be uncomfortable

Designed for fast presentation, sight acquisition, and follow-up shooting


Designed for precise shot placement that may be too bulky, of insufficient caliber, or otherwise unsuited for defensive applications

Profession or intended use for the gun

Individual purpose for ownership

·         Shooting Sports Competition

·         Target Shooting

·         Hunting

·         Home Defense

·         Self-Defense (outside of the home)

·         Collecting

·         Investment

·         Occupation

·         Skill Development

·         Gunsmithing


·         Artistic Modification / Decoration