Steve-0-‘s EDC

My Every Day Carry, or EDC, is pretty basic compared to some. Here’s a look at whats on my person when I’m out and about.


not all items listed are in picture

1. Keys: I keep keys for house, truck, mailbox, gate lock.

2. Wallet: Maxpedition wallet. Holds everything and more.

3. Glock 19: Great carry pistol. 15+1 capacity of Hornady 124gr TAP and has a set of Trijicon night sights. Carried in a Bladetech IWB Holster.

4. Glock 17 magazine: The 17 mag fits in the 19 and is fitted with a +2 base plate. I carry a spare mag mainly for use if a malfunction occurs and I need to strip out the mag in the weapon and replace it. I carry it weak side in a Disruptive Products Kydex mag carrier.

5. Right Side Knife – Kershaw Clash: This is my beater knife. I use it for any task that i wouldn’t want to use a nicer knife for.

6. Left Side Knife – SOG Flash II: Fast deploying knife with a reversable pocket clip that allows for really deep carry. Love it.

7. 4Sevens Quark AA: Great little light. Has a 110 lumen output and strobe with 1 set of settings. Other Settings include light ranges from .4 lumens to 60 lumens and has an SOS and Beacon mode. Powered by a single AA battery and tough as nails. cant recommend this light enough.

8. Zippo: Pretty self explanitory, Zippos rock. The lighter is wind proof and comes in hand for more than lighting smokes. Plus you get the added cool factor when you pull one out instead of a cheap Bic.

9. Cigarettes: I smoke occasionally. Prefer Lucky Strikes or Camel Non’s

10. Phone – Samsung Intensity: Tough as nails phone. Analog Keys for dialimg without looking and a slide out key board for texting.

11. Sunglasses – Wiley X Reign: Good polarized sunglasses that also offer ballistic protection. See my full write up here:

12. Paracord Bracelet: It looks cool and who doesn’t want 10 feet of paracord for emergencies?

13. Writing Utensils – Pen: Parker with black ink, Pencil: Cross mechanical, Sharpie: one of those items that no one ever seems to have when they need one.

14.  Pocket Comb: Never know when you may want to touch up the dew before meeting someone.

That’s about it. I hope this gave you a good idea of why I carry the things I do and gives you ideas of how to improve your EDC. I’m always looking for better stuff to carry, so if anyone has suggestions, please leave them in the comments.