Shooting Full Auto Glock 18

Shooting Glock 18 Full Auto (9mm) at the Chester Manning for Sheriff event in Oct 2011

Watch this one in 720p
Glock 18 Full Auto @ Machine Gun Fundraiser 

Chester C. Manning’s Machine Gun Shoot Fundraiser on Saturday, October 29 at the Marana Shooting Club just north of Tucson, Arizona

The weather was great and a good time was had by all

There were over 15 NRA instructors present to assure total safety, and children had the chance to shoot as well, with parent is present to of coarse! 

It was a great time, and all proceeds went towards Chester’s campaign!

There are many modified Full Auto Glocks made by SOT Manufacturers here in the USA, but few REAL Glock 18 pistols made by Glock and imported as full auto pistols.

We had the rare chance to shoot one of these REAL Glock 18 pistols and they are as much fun to shoot as any other firearm I have shot

Their rate of fire is very fast, recoil is not much, but the muzzle rise happens very quickly so controlling them is a challenge (a fun challenge)

Enjoy this quick video of the full auto Glock 18 in action and in slow motion

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