Ragged Hole Drill

A look at practice at the shooting range after some formal training.

Ragged Hole Drill
An aspect of pistol shooting you may not know about yet

I’ve been using these targets lately for whats called a ragged hole drill. I learned this at a few schools so far so I suspect it’s a worth while drill to practice. I use four pistols for this drill the XD45, and three Glocks; G17 (9mm), G22 (.40), G23 (.40)

I started at the bottom right (no reason) with the G17 and shot 5 rounds into the bottom right bull. Then moved to the next one to the left, 5 into it then change mags and shoot five into each of the bottom row of bulls on the left. Next switch guns and do the same accross the next row and so on.

So one row = two ten round mags for each pistol. At this rate a box of 100 lasts several weeks if I can pace myself

I still shoot 4 pistols so I spend some quality time on the line and my brain has to work to shoot 4 different guns.

You can see by the results on this target, I’m not consistant, so I can use these 80 rounds very effectively for sight alignment, focus on front sight, etc.

Practice on reactive targets or under stress, while moving, etc is not effective for these aspects

I like this ‘Score keeper’ Target because I figured out I can shoot 2 mags of 10 through each of my carry / training guns and it works out well and I don’t burn through too much ammo

The target is placed at combat distance of 5 yards (15 feet)

My cool new range bag keeps 4 pistols secure and a few magazines for each of them. Note the orange dummy rounds we use to induce random malfunctions

four pistols, the XD45, and three Glocks; G17 (9mm), G22 (.40), G23 (.40)