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Hi GW,

I had a question I was hoping you could help me with. I’m planning to get a 40 caliber (either external hammer fired or striker fired) and I’ve narrowed it down to a few choices in each cateogry from your vids I recall you’ve tried some of these options and wanted to get your take on the recoil, reliability and accuracy.

External Hammer Fired
Sig 229 40
H&K USP Compact 40
Beretta Px4 Compact 40 (don’t believe you tried this one)

Striker Fired
M&P 40 Compact
Glock 27
Glock 23
Ruger SR40c

Any help is greatly appreciated



Well I can offer my opinions, FWIW

I don’t care for any hammer fired guns anymore, they are fine, work great and some are very dependable.. but there is no way I would force myself to deal with the long DA trigger followed by the light SA trigger pull in a stressful situation

aside from that, the guns on your ‘hammer’ list will cost a bunch to get extra magazines for .. this almost always relates to too much attention to magazines while at the range / in training.. mags need to be disposable IMO (so under $20 for many people)

We never really review Berettas because none if us own them, carry them or honestly even like them.. I like the company it’s history and they make some good looking guns, but I wouldn’t carry one.. I’ve only owned them when I got them VERY cheap.. and I only used them as range guns and I’ve traded them away without any regrets. The other guys around here won’t even go as far as I do, they just plain don’t like Berettas and leave them off their radars altogether

all of the striker fired operate the same AFAIK, and that is what I prefer and recommend

Glock mags are available used very cheap, that is a big plus IMO, Glocks are what I use and I would always recommend them, they just always work, and you will find anything you could dream of for accessories and parts

the M&P are great, guns I like them and would easily recommend them. Plus they are made in the USA so more money stays here

Rugers are fine I guess, however I would never carry one, I have no interest in an untested pistol with more legal warnings engraved on it than most guns made today. IMO they seem to be an alternative to the Glock / M&P that no one really needed or wanted

I know I have rigid opinions about these, and many people don’t agree with me, but I am pretty much only business when it comes to CCW guns

Hope this helps


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