Glock Chat #1 (Haters & Kool-Aid Drinkers) It’s All Glock Talk

Glock Chat #1
Haters & Kool-Aid Drinkers welcome
It’s all Glock talk tonight

We had a great conversation about Glocks this evening we were joined by an all star group of You Tube channels for this discussion





Military Arms Channel


0:09 Welcome to Glock Chat
1:10 Introductions
2:10 Yankee’s First Impressions with Glock
5:30 Tex’s First experience with Glock
8:56 NeverEnuffAmmo’s First Impressions with Glock
11:54 Gwebs First Impressions with Glock
14:45 Yankee agrees with Tex
15:00 Guns vs. Cars / Use vs. Like
17:00 Military Arms Channel Joins us
18:08 MAC’s First Impressions with Glock
18:40 MAC’s “go to” pistols Glock 26, S&W Shield, XDs 
20:30 Baby Glocks
20:52 TheHossUSMC joins us
21:15 Hoss’ first Glocks
21:55 Glock Malfunctions
23:10 We (the 6 of us in the chat) have more Glocks than some gun shops !!
23:30 More Glock Malfunctions
24:34 What do we Hate about Glocks?
24:50 – What Yankee Hates about Glocks 
25:11 – What Gweb’s Hates about Glocks 
25:45 – What TheHoss Hates about Glocks 
27:37 – What NEA Hates about Glocks 
28:44 – What Tex Hates about Glocks 
29:50 – What MAC Don’t like about Glocks 
33:00 – How Glock made a gun for .40 s&w before Smith & Wesson could
34:00 – DanielJosephTV
“Glocks were revolutionary from the late 80’s to mid 00’s but they’re being passed by better designs. In the history of firearms a 15 year run is barely noticeable. I personally prefer metal framed guns (M9, 226, 1911) to polymer guns. I also like DA/SA or SA over Striker fire as it’s easier for me to shoot.”
41:48 – What do you guys change on your Glocks?
51:00 – What did you guys think an “All Glock Chat” would cover
51:50 – Reloads & Glocks 
55:45 – Glock 25 .380 acp 
58:36 – 

How The Glock Became America’s Weapon Of Choice
Aired on Jan 24, 2012…

FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

Glock on NPR (1 of 4)
Glock on NPR (2 of 4)
Glock on NPR (3 of 4)
Glock on NPR (4 of 4)

1:01:05 – Glock a “fad” ??
1:06:11 – Looking forward to World Peace 
1:07:22 – Why the XDm ?? we go on about that for a while..
1:09:51 – Introductions (again)

1:10:25 – joeboo1000
“Personal preference aside, why would you buy a Glock over an M&P? And just to clarify, they may not be a reason. I personally feel they sit together at the top of the polymer framed, striker pistol market and personal preference is what should guide your decision. That said, if you had a reason, I’d love to hear it.”

1:24:28 – Early history of Glock (from the book)
1:28:32 – The Hoss wants $1,000 Glocks.. “I don’t care” he says.. 
1:30:10 – Glock Carbine 
1:32:00 – ‘SBR’ing a Glock
Turning a Glock into a Short Barrel Rifle

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