Glock 19 and its Blue Glock

I just picked up a new blue gun, an exact model of my Glock 23. It’s a Glock 19 blue gun, but since the Glock 23 and Glock 19 are the same physical outside dimensions, this will work well for training.

This way I can train in my house, practice around my dogs, practice hand to hand, and practice my draw from a holster under cover with no fear of accident


Glock 19 and its Blue Glock
An overview with pictures

The Glock 19 is the compact Glock, very popular for CCW. For this reason it can be a good idea to have a training aid of the same size and shape. Being very accurate the blue gun fits in most holsters. It’s solid or at least very thick plastic and one piece, no moving parts, no joints or seams. It can take a lot of abuse without damage. It’s color and weight are the only things that are off of the real thing. The Blue Gun in much lighter than the real Glock 19

In almost every dimension these are the same size as the actual Glock 19

These can be used for dry practice drawing, and engaging while in odd positions with no fear of accident. These are also good for hand to hand fighting and weapon retention drills. Other uses for the blue guns I’ve seen are to demonstrate accessories like lights or optic mounts as well as demonstrating holsters, safes and other gun accessories

I bought this one at Tucson Guns

Tucson Guns & Western Artifacts
8556 E. Broadway